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Due to the widely varied nature of every industry, each is subject to its own set of risks. At Allied Insurance Managers, we’ve cultivated an extensive understanding of these industry-specific risk factors and do our utmost to become the trusted business insurance agent for any company regardless of background or line of business. Of the range of industries we service, fire suppression contractors insurance is one sector our company has developed a unique expertise in providing insurance advice for.

It isn’t unusual for businesses in the fire protection industry to specialize on certain aspects of the trade. For instance, some contractors might focus on sprinklers and another on fire alarms. As a result, the coverage provided to fire protection contractors must be commensurate to the type of service they provide.

Due to the complexities of the fire suppression industry, most other insurance brokers shy away from providing specific protection in this field. However, at Allied Insurance Managers, our desire to provide our clients with only the best service is what drives our determination to succeed where others dare not tread. As a result, our agency has become known throughout the Midwest for our expertise in this unique coverage.  We have now expanded our geographical footprint even further and are now able to help Fire Protection Contractors in 26+ states.

We provide the insurance that fire protection businesses need by customizing each program according to the client’s individual characteristics. Our rich experience in the field has allowed us to identify key insurance packages that different companies might need. For example, we provide specialized programs such as sprinkler installation/service/repair, restaurant fire suppression insurance, backflow testing insurance, and extinguisher services insurance.

Working with relationships that we have developed with key underwriters in this specialized market, we can design unique programs that fit the specific needs of each company like a glove. Our status as an independent agent also allows us to represent the top insurance carriers offering fire protection contractors insurance products, and thus we can provide essentials such as waivers of subrogation, liability insurance, fire suppression professional liability, equipment insurance, and employee dishonesty insurance, workers compensation to name a few.

With our rich experience as qualified business insurance brokers, we are able to negotiate terms and conditions business owners and managers might find it difficult to obtain elsewhere. In this way, we see to it that our clients benefit from top-notch insurance programs that are well worth the cost of obtaining them.

To find out more about the services we provide for fire suppression contractors seeking insurance coverage, please visit our website and proceed to the Fire Protection Contractors Insurance page, under Insurance Programs. Use the link on that page to answer the supplemental questionnaire and get started on the road to obtaining the protection you need and deserve.

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