Other Specialty Programs


Funeral Home / Director Insurance

At Allied Insurance Managers, we have the experience, knowledge, and markets to properly protect the funeral home industry. Our comprehensive packages include funeral director’s professional liability, commercial property, general liability, business interruption and commercial auto coverage, allowing you to focus on your clients in their time of greatest need.

Funeral home with couches and chairs

Dental Office Insurance

Insuring over 100 dental offices nationwide, we have the experience and knowledge to provide comprehensive insurance programs for the dental industry. Whether you require malpractice insurance, or coverage for equipment breakdown, employment practices or cyber liability, we’ve got you covered. We also have access to optional endorsements on your professional liability for Botox and dermal fillers!

Senior woman in the dental office.

Child Care

Kids are fast, curious and mostly unpredictable. Whether they’re in a small in-home daycare or a large child care center, countless dangers can be found around every corner. Here at Allied Insurance Managers we have developed specific programs just for our clients in the child care industry. This includes general liability coverage so that if in the event you’re sued, your home and savings are not at risk.

Young children playing with educational toys

Exercise & Wellness Facility

Exercise and wellness facilities face unique risks such as injuries caused by equipment failure or user error, slips and falls, and lawsuits stemming from negligent supervision or improper training. We can help protect against these risks by providing everything from general and professional liability coverage and commercial property coverage. We also offer worker’s compensation and cyber liability insurance.

Group of women running on treadmills at a gym

Auto Repair & Collision Shop

Allied Insurance Managers has a proven track record of successfully managing the risks of auto repair shops. As a garage owner, you need a business insurance agent that understands the garage business and garage insurance. We have a vast history of covering collision shops, auto body repair shops, and oil & lube providers. If you’re an auto repair shop, ask us about our body shop, engine repair and garage insurance offerings. We also specialize in providing exceptional care for used care lots and dealers who service exotic cars.

Asian auto mechanic working on car engines Repair and service customer service Work on the engine in the garage. automobile car concept.

Janitorial Insurance

Commercial cleaning insurance is often a requirement before working in any building. Building owners will look for your janitorial insurance policy to cover such things as property damage, theft and general liability. Building owners want to be sure that should an accident happen, your company has coverage to support them. Our janitorial insurance covers commercial cleaners, drycleaners, restoration contractors and industrial laundries, plus many more.

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