Other Insurance Coverages


Cyber Liability

Cyber liability insurance provides businesses with a combination of coverage options to help protect them from harmful data breaches. This covers other cybersecurity issues as well including extortion, destructive malware and third-party threats via the cloud. Any business should have cybersecurity insurance if they handle any type of customer data or store critical information regarding their business online.

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Employment Practices Liability

This type of insurance provides coverage to employers against claims made by employees regarding discrimination based on sex, race, age or disability. Employment practices liability also covers the issue of wrongful termination. This type of insurance is important when it comes to protecting your company from the costs of lawsuits and damages related to your professional advice, services and decisions.

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Directors and Officers (D&O)

The directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance protects the personal assets of corporate directors, officers and their spouses in the event they are personally sued by employees, vendors or customers for alleged wrongful acts during their management of the company. This type of insurance also protects the company and covers legal fees, settlements and other costs that come up during the legal battle.

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Professional Liability (E&O - Errors and Omissions)

Professional liability insurance protects your business against claims that the advice or services your business provided caused a customer financial harm due to a failure or mistake while performing the service. If a customer blames your business for costing them money and sues, your professional liability coverage will cover your business by paying legal expenses and managing claims—plus it gives you an advantage by giving your customers an extra level of security.

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Inland Marine

Inland marine insurance provides financial protection for a business’ property that is transported on land. This can include equipment, products and parts that are being shipped via automobiles, trucks or trains. In covers any property being moved between locations such as trade show exhibits, special event equipment, electronics, computers or medical diagnostic equipment. We’ll work with you to cover your property on the road.

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Liability Umbrella

Liability umbrella insurance provides coverage for injuries, property damage, lawsuits and personal liability situations. It is designed to add extra coverage to your already established insurance policy. Umbrella insurance coverages protects your business from the costs of covered claims when those costs exceed the limits of your other policies. These costs include legal defense payments, attorney fees and any charges associated with the lawsuit.

Applying for a Umbrella Liability Insurance

Builder's Risk

Builder’s risk insurance covers buildings and structures under construction. It’s essential in helping protect any construction projects from property damage resulting in theft, vandalism, fire, or any other severe weather. This insurance is essential for general contractors, lenders, architects, subcontractors and property owners. Essentially, any company with a financial interest in the construction project needs builder’s risk insurance.

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