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Golf Course & Country Club Insurance

Whether you operate a public golf course, private country club, driving range or miniature golf course we have established relationships with the top-rated insurance carriers for your golf business. Golf course insurance has multiple exposures that are not found with any other type of business, many times forcing owners to work with vendors with little or no experience reviewing specific coverages. Allow us to manage your exposures and give you piece of mind.

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Who needs it

Who Needs Golf Insurance?

The team at Allied Insurance Managers will work with your golf course or country club to address your unique exposures. We have the best insurance programs available to properly cover your business.

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  • Golf Shops
  • Private Golf Courses
  • Sport Centers
  • Miniature Golf Courses
  • Driving Ranges
  • Country Clubs

When it comes to golf courses, it’s imperative that you work with the right insurance agent to address  for your specific needs. With all that your golf business has to offer, make sure you’re not left unprotected should the unthinkable happen.

Golf Cart Insurance

Coverage is important when it comes to the use of golf carts on your property. Impaired drivers can be a hazard to themselves and others on your golf course.

Golf Maintenance Equipment Coverage

These programs include coverage in different places on your policy. You invest a lot into your equipment. Make sure to keep it properly maintained and protected.

Pesticides and Herbicides Insurance

Treatment of the course for herbicides and pesticides can sometimes have impacts to the surrounding property. The right insurance will safeguard you from any harm.

Storage Tank Coverage

What happens if your storage tank leaks? This can present a significant exposure. We can help you meet your expectations for how coverage would respond.

Arrant Golf Ball Property Damage

Accidents happen from time to time. Let us help you respond to any issues for golf balls that are hit into people or cars on or off the golf course premises.

Member and Guest Property

You may be found responsible for any bags or personal items stolen from the bag stand or other property stolen in your locker rooms. We’ll help ease the burden.

Golf, Swim, Tennis and Banquet Professional Insurance

Protect yourself from your employees’ mistakes. Make sure that any error or omission your club professional makes does not come back to hurt your business.

Country Club Insurance

Private, members-only clubs need strong insurance policies. Larger, on-site banquet facilities at these courses have unique liquor liability and food safety concerns.

Why us

Why Choose Allied for Your Golf Course Insurance?

With golf courses having constant exposure to outdoor elements and intoxicated golfers, they require extra protection and insurance policies. From workers and golfers to property damage and greenery maintenance, you have a lot to keep track of. Be sure to stay out of the woods and double check your golf course insurance policies.

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Take the first step toward comprehensive coverage by requesting a quote from Allied Insurance Managers today!