Life Insurance

Life insurance is a serious matter. We’ll get you a policy that’s specifically fitted for your needs.


A Life Insurance Policy That’s Right For You

Life insurance isn’t just for families. Being single with no dependents doesn’t mean you don’t need proper coverage. Some companies offer some form of life insurance, but even that is not enough. It’s important that you inquire about the proper life insurance to care for everything you leave behind. From the varying elements of term life insurance to permanent life insurance, it’s no wonder people have formed a lot of misconceptions about life insurance. As an expert insurance agency, we are here to give you some basic facts about the importance of life insurance.

Who needs it

Keep Your Team Covered

Life insurance is a optional employee benefit you may choose to secure for your team members. When you choose to get a life insurance policy, there are many factors to think about, including if it’s right for your type of business or employees. Life Insurance offerings may be good if you have:

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  • High Risk Positions
  • Multiple Team Members
  • High Earning Team Members

When considering life insurance, there are several coverage options that can enhance your employee benefit offerings. Explore those options with Allied Insurance Managers.

Group Plans

Typically offered as a piece of a larger company benefit, group plans are an inexpensive way to provide coverage for your employees while being fairly cheap for your employees as well.

Buy Sell Agreements

Turn over happens and buy/sell agreements can help smooth out the transition periods to minimize the turmoil that comes with unexpected departures or incidents like workplace injury or death.

Key Employee Life

When you consistently have a key person that helps drive the company, possibly from a management or sales perspective, offering life insurance can help make up for any inability to operate if that person were lost.

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A Team That Cares About Your Team

Allied Insurance Managers will always put their best foot forward to serve your team and offer the best coverage because we know the value of good employees and why they’re worth protecting. Work with Allied Insurance to determine the best course of action when putting together or adjusting your existing employee benefits.

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