Employee Benefits


Beneficial Employee Benefits

As an independent insurance agent, we are able to offer you choices beyond that of other agencies. We are licensed experts here to advise you on your risks and how to minimize your exposure to loss.

Employee benefits package

A Full Suite of Benefit Insurance Products

The rising costs of medical care make health insurance, disability insurance and long-term care insurance an important aspect of your financial plan. Additionally, without the benefits of life insurance many families are forced to cover large estate tax and funeral expenses out of their own pockets. We can assist you with beneficial benefit insurance products such as health, disability, long-term care and life insurance.

Give your employees the security that comes with a life insurance policy. Allied Insurance will help you set up and manage your coverage plan.

With various types of coverage based on risk tolerance, accessibility, and cost, employers can provide customized Health Insurance to their team.

Explore disability insurance plans to help safeguard against workplace injury and ongoing care coverage for employees that may become disabled on the job.

Additional employee benefits may include long term care insurance policy which allows someone to pick the amount of coverage they’d like to help pay a home care agency or nursing facility.

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