Coverage Through Our Manufacturing Programs

The Manufacturers’ Programs we have available offer flexible options that combine coverages into one convenient package, resulting in a quality product for manufacturing exposures.

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Who needs it

Who Needs Manufacturing Insurance?

Many different types of manufacturers are covered under our manufacturing programs. These programs are targeted to fit a variety of markets.

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  • Beverages
  • Electronics & Instruments
  • Food Products
  • Metal & Wood Products
  • Communications & Telecommunications Equipment
  • Paper, Plastic & Rubber Goods
  • Textile & Leather Goods

We’re here to help put our manufacturing partners at ease. At Allied, we have specialized manufacturing programs put in place to help lower the burden. Below you’ll find out more about our coverage offerings specifically designed with manufacturers in mind.

Commercial Property

Protect your company’s physical assets from things like vandalism, fire, flooding or theft. This policy is here to shield you from any significant losses you may encounter.

Manufacturers Selling Price Clause

A selling price clause values finished goods at their selling price. This way, you can cover the profit portion of your losses in addition to the replacement cost.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

This includes coverage on production equipment. This will cover you from damage caused by power surges, electrical or mechanical issues or motor burnout.

Dependent Property Coverage

Time element coverage that pays for the loss of income or increase of expenses resulting from loss due to another organization, which you depended upon.

General Liability

General liability cover protects you and your company from damages resulting from your products, operations or services, or damage to your rental property.

Automatic Additional Insured

This insurance option grants insured status to your vendors, such as a person or organization, which can also be insured under your specific policy for them.

Waiver of Subrogation

If in agreement, this prevents an insurer from recovering payments that have been previously paid out on a claim from a negligent third party.

Manufacturers' Errors & Omissions

Liability insurance that covers a manufacturing mistake or any negligence during servicing that results in a third party financial loss without injury or property damage.

Worldwide General Liability Extension

We’ve always got your back. Allied can cover your losses globally. This policy covers against any losses or damages no matter where in the world they occur.

Product Recall Expense

This policy covers any expenses relating to product recall including shipping, warehouse, disposal or restocking costs associated with the recalled product.

Why us

Why Choose Allied’s Manufacturing Program?

Our dedication to the highest standards of ethics and integrity is the foundation of Allied Insurance. Our reputation can be reflected in the companies we have come to represent. Each company is of sound character with secure financial positions within our industry, as well as the highest ratings from A.M. Best Company and Standard & Poors. We have access to a full suite of manufacturing industry-focused insurance programs that help protect or reduce your company’s risk.

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Take the first step toward comprehensive coverage by requesting a quote from Allied Insurance Managers today!