Michigan Home Insurance Gives You Funds for a Water Backup Cleanup


Though floods are the most expected source for water damage, your home can have the same problem if your toilet or sewer backs up.

Water damage can do a lot of destruction on your home. Water can warp the wood in your floor and walls; this can weaken the structural foundation of your home. In addition, if improperly dried, the remaining moisture from water damage can encourage mold growth, a health threat in the home. Finally, bacteria are often part and parcel of any water damage, as dirty water has a lot of microorganisms. Repairing all of this damage is reason enough to get Michigan home insurance.

What Causes the Sewer to Back Up Into the Toilet & Drains eHow

How It Happens

There are several reasons for water to suddenly back up into your home. For one, your home’s plumbing leads directly to your sewer drain, at which clogging would result in water having nowhere to go. The reasons for this blockage can range from debris and dirt depositing in the sewer to a tree root entering into the pipe. Whatever the reason, your sewer water will be coming back into your home.

What Needs to Be Done

If it happens, your first concern is to clear the clog. This is done by calling in a professional plumber; they have the equipment and expertise to unclog a sewer drain. This can range from using a sewer jet to digging up the pipe and replacing it. The cost depends on the repairs done.

Another concern is that you’ll need to clean up and repair the water damage done to your home. This can involve mopping up pools of dirty water and drying wet spots, as well as taking out damaged furniture and carpets. Severe water damage can affect your floor and wall enough to warrant a replacement.

 How to Pay For It

You may end up having to borrow money to pay for the cost of water damage remediation. However, you can avoid that by getting insurance. Firms offering homeowners insurance in Michigan like Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. can provide you with an insurance plan that covers water damage. Normal insurance plans don’t cover water damage, but certain addition to plans can cover it.

However, most of these additions are specific. One type of insurance coverage is only applied when the water damage is from leaky plumbing or HVAC, while another covers pumps and sewer drains. Consult an insurance firm to have these specific additions included with your homeowners insurance.

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