Expanding Abroad? Is Your Business Protected?


More and more U.S.-based businesses are expanding globally. This choice not only brings in a diverse set of customers and greater revenues to fuel company growth; it also provides exposure to innovative and culturally-sensitive business methods that can further develop management practices.

However, these new opportunities come with risks. Here at home, business owners understand the legal complexities their ventures may be facing, but things are different outside U.S. borders. Allied Insurance Managers, Inc.­­­— a business insurance provider— can help you find the right foreign liability insurance here in Michigan.

A wide variety of scenarios can occur abroad. A foreign distributor may file charges for faulty equipment your company supplied. A manager you sent might face deportation for committing unethical business practices. Key employees may acquire a native disease, costing your business an expensive operational delay. Most standard business policies here in the U.S. do not provide sufficient coverage for international operations. However, foreign liability insurance—a specialty policy designed to address just that—can effectively serve as your initial defense against costly lawsuits and other situations that may occur when doing business outside of the country.

Foreign liability insurance can cover costs for lawsuits in foreign countries. Depending on your requirements, it may also include foreign auto coverage and workers’ compensation insurance, including repatriation and endemic disease. The policy can cover expenses associated with returning an injured or ill employee back home.

Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. is one of the leading business insurance agencies in Michigan. Since our inception in 1912, our company has continuously designed innovative, industry-relevant insurance programs tailored to the needs of each of our clients. With our century-long experience with a diverse variety of business types (big or small)and our unwavering dedication to providing quality service, we partner only with the top insurance companies and underwriters. We take pride in being well-equipped with the latest advancements on document processing.

Our firm is a company of good reputation and we aim to maintain that by being our clients’ trusted insurance advisor. We aim to protect our customers so they can undertake bigger ventures with more confidence. Let us offer you the same level of security. Feel free to browse the rest of the website to learn more about our offerings.

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