Business Insurance Agent: Garage Insurance for Auto Repair Services

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Regardless of your business’s size, protecting the vehicles in the premises of your auto repair shop is a must. Commercial auto insurance will help you mitigate the impact of possible unpleasant events (such as shop accidents, servicing errors, and equipment damage) on your finances. With the help of a business insurance agent from Allied Insurance Managers, you can arm your business with the right coverage against any future challenges you may face as an auto repair shop owner. One of the policies we highly recommend is our Garage Keepers Liability Coverage. Continue reading…

Mapping out Michigan Craft Distilleries; Stimulating Both Minds and Economy

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Michigan Craft Distillers Association

Ranking 3rd for amount of craft distilleries nationwide, Michigan boasts nearly 40 distilleries; stimulating both minds and economy.


 Map of distilleries brough to you by: Michigan Craft Distillers Association

The potential impact of such businesses could contribute upwards of $400 million to Michigan’s economy with room for growth. With a focus on locality and freshness, most Michigan craft distilleries use locally sourced grains and fruits, helping to contribute to a $102 billion agricultural industry.


Tasting rooms and tours for craft distilleries are becoming increasingly popular. People want to see how its made and what it is made from. After touring the facilities and learning about the distillation process, patrons partake in sampling the beer, wine or spirits. Many will travel to their favorite distillery from across the state, or even from neighboring states, helping to contribute to the $22 billion Pure Michigan tourism industry.        


When did this all start?


In 2008  Michigan passed a new small-distiller’s law; allowing for the production of 60,000 gallons of alcohol anually, with a simple $100 license. With tasting rooms offering free samples as well as coctails and bottles for purchase, small craft distilleries can operate a reasonable retail operation without the need for large distribution. Another aspect of this law that is appealing to new business owners is the ability for distillers to have winery, brewery and distillery licenses at the same site, reducing investment cost and operating expenses. A combination of these factors, and a general trend toward local specialty items has greatly increased the demand for such ventures.




The Map of Michigan Craft Distilleries can be found at Michigan Craft Distillers Associations member tasting rooms, Michigan Welcome Centers, Chamber offices and visitor bureau offices.  


A Few Notable Operations


Detroit City Distillery-

In the roaring twenties, Detroit fueled prohibition and an entrepreneurial spirit that didn’t follow the rules. A century later, eight childhood friends are starting a small distillery to make alcohol the old fashion way. Detroit City Distillery creates small batch artisanal whiskey, gin and vodka using the finest local ingredients sourced directly from farms near our distillery and tasting room located in Detroit’s famed Eastern Market. The result is a drink of distinction made for the revolutionaries rewriting the history of a great American city.


Grand Traverse Distillery-

Michigans largest micro-distillery, Located in Traverse City on Michigan’s 45th parallel. Grand Traverse Distillery offers both vodka and whiskey, but is most notable for their True North Vodka: A gold metal winner in multiple international tasting competitions, as well as being selected as one of the top 50 alcohol’s in the word in both 2009 and 2010.



Journeyman Distillery-

Located in Three Oaks, MI. Journeyman Distillery is reminescent of the 1800’s – Still using the original maple factory floors and repourposed wood from a family barn in central Indiana, there is no lack for attention to detail or craftsmenship. At Journeyman Distillery, they value what goes into a bottle of spirits even more than what goes into the facilites. Certified organic by Midwest Organic Services Association means that they only use the highest quality of ingredients, produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers, artificail pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, growth hormones, feed additives, or genetically modified organisms.


Round Barn-

Winery, distillery and brewery, located in Baroda, MI. Operating winerys, distillerys and brewries, Round Barn does it all. The distillery pays special attentnion to the original alembic “ onion head” stills. Where simple copper pots with hats are heated to condense and capture the alcohol and fruit flavors of wine to turn them into delicious brandies. These brandies, including cognac and armanac are made from grapes or other fruits. One ton of fruit will only yeild roughly 20 gallons of high proof (140) brandy making fruit selection the top priority in both quantity and quality. Whether you are a wine drinker, spirits consumer, or beer drinker, Round Barn will be sure to have something to please your pallete.


 *Attention Beverage manufacturers *

Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. has designed a specialized insurance program for distilleries and any other company in the Beverage Industry. Realizing the unique needs of this specialized insurance industry, we have worked to develop specific insurance programs exclusively available to companies in the Beverage Manufacturing Industry. – See more at:









General Liability and Adequately Insured Subcontractors

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We often get the question, “Why do insurance companies charge for subcontractors?” The answer is simple: contractors who hire subcontractors are exposed to vicarious liability and could have claims brought against them as a result. The premium charged for adequately insured subcontractors helps offset the costs of defense and judgments that may be brought against the hiring contractor. These could include subcontractors’ torts, negligence or inadequate limits of insurance.

The basis of premium charged for adequately insured subcontractors is “total cost.” By definition, total cost includes all labor, materials and equipment furnished, used or delivered for use in the execution of the work. However, it does not include the cost of furnished equipment installed but not furnished by the subcontractor, if the subcontractor does no other work on or in connection with such equipment. Total cost also includes all fees, bonuses or commissions made, paid or due.

By definition alone, this is a more complicated topic than it would appear on the surface. Many insureds are confused by the inclusion of materials in their premium charge. However, it is important that your clients include the proper costs at the time the policy is written to help avoid problems at time of audit.

If you have additonal questions please contact us.  We will be happy to answer your questions.

MI Auto Insurance: Filling the Gap with Guaranteed Auto Protection

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Your current auto insurance serves as your safeguard in case of total vehicle loss. But what if the insurance proceeds are not enough to pay off the outstanding balance or lease payments on your vehicle? There remains an obligation for you to pay the deficiency. In this case, you may want to get additional coverage, specifically the Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP), for extra security. Here in Michigan, Allied Insurance Managers can provide you this supplemental coverage. Continue reading…

DTE Energy Music Theater Summer Concerts

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DTE Energy-Music-Theatre-Tickets


Photo From:


Every summer for 43 years, The DTE Energy Music Theatre (formerly known as Pine Knob Music Theatre) has been hosting performers from all around the world. Named the nations most attended amphitheater by Amusement Business/Billboard for 21 years, DTE is recognized as one of the most attended amphitheaters in the country; Seating 15,274. DTE Energy Music Theater is Located  at 7774 Sashabaw Road, Village of Clarkston, MI 48348.


Upcoming performances to highlight


  • H.O.R.D.E. Festival, featuring 311,Blues Traveler,  The Verve Pipe and Big Head Todd and The Monsters , Jul 9

  • Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifa, Jul 10

  • Peter Frampton and Cheap Trick, Jul 12dte

  • Neil Young , Jul 14

  • Def Leppard, Jul 17

  • Run DMC, Naughty By Nature, Sugarhill Gang, Whodini, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Grandmaster’s Furious 5, July 19

    Photo from:
  • J. Cole, Jul 25

  • Kelly Clarkson, Jul 26

  • Nicki Minaj, Jul 31

  • Tim McGraw, Aug 2


Local Favorites

Photo From:

Detroit Local, Kid Rock is scheduled to play 10 nights at DTE: August- 7,8,11,12,14,15,18,19, 21,22. He will be accompanied by the Twisted Brown Trucker Band and feature special guests: Foreigner and Packway Handle Band. Shows begin at 6:45 p.m. Good luck getting tickets! Despite having 10  shows, Kid Rock’s tickets have been sold out for months.




eddie munz
Photo From:


Every summer since 1992, DTE has hosted crowd favorite Eddie Money as their opening performer to kick off the summer concert series. American Rocker Eddie Money is most notable for songs such as: “Two Tickets To Paradise” and “Take Me Home Tonight”. Money also performs the last concert of the year in September or October.





In 2012 DTE Energy Music Theater upgraded its sound system as well as food and beverage accommodations to further enhance the concert experience.  The new sound system features state-of-the-art equipment to improve on sound quality and provides a better viewing experience to concertgoers by eliminating large view blocking equipment. The food and beverage arrangements feature an outdoor beer-garden with upgraded food options.




Click below to purchase tickets or view events




Home and Community Safety

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Home in hands

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The Facts: 

o   In 2013, 93,200 unintentional-injury related deaths occurred in the home and community

o   The top 7 causes of injury and death in this category are:

1.)    Motor Vehicles                                                                                                                        

2.)    Poisoning

3.)    Falls                                                                                   

4.)    Choking                                                                            

5.)    Drowning

6.)    Fire and Burns

7.)    Emergency Preparedness

o   About 2.5 million nonfatal falls were treated in emergency departments in 2013

o   More than 250,000 hip fractures are reported every year, and 95 percent of those are from falls.

o   The average dollar loss per burglary in the U.S. is $2,185 according to the FBI.

o   A majority of convicted burglars say that they intentionally avoided homes with security systems.



1.)    Instead of storing valuables in your night stand, put it in your child’s dresser. Burglars are more likely to look in the master bedroom rather than a child’s.

2.)    Keep your car keys next to your bed when sleeping. If you hear a burglar in the middle of the night, press the panic button on your car. This will most likely scare the burglar off.

3.)    If you cannot afford to purchase a security system, put a decal up anyway. An established thief may not be fooled, but you may elude a less experienced one.

4.)    Protect yourself against a house fire. Make sure to have a working smoke detector and change the batteries once every year. Plan and practice a family escape route.

5.)    Weather emergencies can happen at any time. Before these events occur,  make sure to:

  •         Keep an emergency kit in your car

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  •         Have at least 3 days’ worth of food and water in your home at all times
  •        Assign one family member to learn first aid and CPR

6.)    Falls are the leading injury related deaths for people 65 years or older. This can be prevented though. A few ways to keep your home safe is to:

  •          Install railings on both sides of the stairs
  •         Provide adequate light in every room of the house and outside the home
  •         Provide grab bars in the tub/ shower and near the toilet
  •         Harvard Medical School gives credits exercising as a great way to prevent the physical hardships of aging. Do activities like Tai Chi; it has been proven to improve balance and muscle tone


Sources: 13 Things You Never Knew About Home Safety;

Home and Recreational Safety;

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Michigan Home Insurance: The Benefit of Enhancing Your Home’s Security

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Whether you’re out for a week-long vacation or you have an event to attend during the night, leaving your house unattended and unsecured can make it especially enticing to burglars. Although you can’t make your home entirely safe from thieves, there are certain safety measures you can take to drastically reduce your risk of becoming a victim. We at Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. encourage Michigan homeowners like you to consult with us regarding home insurance to minimize potential property losses should the worst occur. Continue reading…