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Mapping out Michigan Craft Distilleries; Stimulating Both Minds and Economy


Ranking 3rd for amount of craft distilleries nationwide, Michigan boasts nearly 40 distilleries; stimulating both minds and economy.


 Map of distilleries brough to you by: Michigan Craft Distillers Association

The potential impact of such businesses could contribute upwards of $400 million to Michigan’s economy with room for growth. With a focus on locality and freshness, most Michigan craft distilleries use locally sourced grains and fruits, helping to contribute to a $102 billion agricultural industry.


Tasting rooms and tours for craft distilleries are becoming increasingly popular. People want to see how its made and what it is made from. After touring the facilities and learning about the distillation process, patrons partake in sampling the beer, wine or spirits. Many will travel to their favorite distillery from across the state, or even from neighboring states, helping to contribute to the $22 billion Pure Michigan tourism industry.        


When did this all start?


In 2008  Michigan passed a new small-distiller’s law; allowing for the production of 60,000 gallons of alcohol anually, with a simple $100 license. With tasting rooms offering free samples as well as coctails and bottles for purchase, small craft distilleries can operate a reasonable retail operation without the need for large distribution. Another aspect of this law that is appealing to new business owners is the ability for distillers to have winery, brewery and distillery licenses at the same site, reducing investment cost and operating expenses. A combination of these factors, and a general trend toward local specialty items has greatly increased the demand for such ventures.




The Map of Michigan Craft Distilleries can be found at Michigan Craft Distillers Associations member tasting rooms, Michigan Welcome Centers, Chamber offices and visitor bureau offices.  


A Few Notable Operations


Detroit City Distillery-

In the roaring twenties, Detroit fueled prohibition and an entrepreneurial spirit that didn’t follow the rules. A century later, eight childhood friends are starting a small distillery to make alcohol the old fashion way. Detroit City Distillery creates small batch artisanal whiskey, gin and vodka using the finest local ingredients sourced directly from farms near our distillery and tasting room located in Detroit’s famed Eastern Market. The result is a drink of distinction made for the revolutionaries rewriting the history of a great American city.


Grand Traverse Distillery-

Michigans largest micro-distillery, Located in Traverse City on Michigan’s 45th parallel. Grand Traverse Distillery offers both vodka and whiskey, but is most notable for their True North Vodka: A gold metal winner in multiple international tasting competitions, as well as being selected as one of the top 50 alcohol’s in the word in both 2009 and 2010.



Journeyman Distillery-

Located in Three Oaks, MI. Journeyman Distillery is reminescent of the 1800’s – Still using the original maple factory floors and repourposed wood from a family barn in central Indiana, there is no lack for attention to detail or craftsmenship. At Journeyman Distillery, they value what goes into a bottle of spirits even more than what goes into the facilites. Certified organic by Midwest Organic Services Association means that they only use the highest quality of ingredients, produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers, artificail pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, growth hormones, feed additives, or genetically modified organisms.


Round Barn-

Winery, distillery and brewery, located in Baroda, MI. Operating winerys, distillerys and brewries, Round Barn does it all. The distillery pays special attentnion to the original alembic “ onion head” stills. Where simple copper pots with hats are heated to condense and capture the alcohol and fruit flavors of wine to turn them into delicious brandies. These brandies, including cognac and armanac are made from grapes or other fruits. One ton of fruit will only yeild roughly 20 gallons of high proof (140) brandy making fruit selection the top priority in both quantity and quality. Whether you are a wine drinker, spirits consumer, or beer drinker, Round Barn will be sure to have something to please your pallete.


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http://micraftspirits.blogspot.com/         http://www.grandtraversedistillery.com/

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