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Regardless of your business’s size, protecting the vehicles in the premises of your auto repair shop is a must. Commercial auto insurance will help you mitigate the impact of possible unpleasant events (such as shop accidents, servicing errors, and equipment damage) on your finances. With the help of a business insurance agent from Allied Insurance Managers, you can arm your business with the right coverage against any future challenges you may face as an auto repair shop owner. One of the policies we highly recommend is our Garage Keepers Liability Coverage.

What is Garage Keepers Liability Coverage?

Generally, you need this coverage to protect customer vehicles from occurrences such as fire, theft, bad weather, or vandalism at your place of business. Our insurance is specifically designed to protect you in case a customer vehicle is damaged while kept at your business location for storage, parking, or maintenance and repair.

We offer two types of Garage Keepers Liability Coverage. One is the Direct Primary Coverage to cover you even if the loss is not your fault and you’re not legally accountable. The other is Excess Coverage, which serves as an additional protection over the limit of coverage set by your customer’s personal insurance company. This will also help if your customer does not have automobile insurance.

Usually, Garage Keepers Liability Coverage is purchased along with Garage Liability Insurance, but the two require separate contracts and must not be confused with each other. Garage Liability will protect your business from legal repercussions arising out of physical injury (e.g. customer slips or falls) and property damage claims (e.g. faulty workmanship or defective parts). It also covers liability claims against the automobiles your business owns, as well as other aspects like discrimination and employee dishonesty. To further differentiate the two types of coverage, feel free to inquire with us.

Garage Keepers Insurance and Garage Liability Insurance offer significant protection not just for auto repair shops but also for auto body shops, service stations, detailing shops, glass installers, sound repair and installation shops, emission testers, accessories suppliers, and many other establishments involved in the auto servicing industry.

Accidents, injuries, and property damage don’t just impair operations and leave a hole in your business’s pocket; they can also permanently tarnish your relationships with your customers and cause you to lose valuable business opportunities. But with the help of a business insurance broker from Allied Insurance Managers, you can access the right protection against these risks.

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