Why Home Insurance in Michigan Can’t Protect Boats from Liabilities


As a boat owner, you know that sailing the open seas is an incomparable feeling. Of course, you also know that private water vehicles are some of the most expensive investments you purchase, with average prices now hovering at around $65,000. If you assume that your home insurance in Michigan will cover the damages and liabilities associated with boat ownership, however, you might end up spending even more than that figure should mishaps happen.

Fortunately, Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. can help you find the best rates on dedicated boat insurance policies that will protect both you and your watercraft from untoward incidents. Remember, standard homeowners insurance in Michigan offers only a couple thousand dollars’ worth of coverage when your boat is damaged or stolen—a small pittance compared to the overall price of the vehicle. Furthermore, the damage or theft has to occur at your residence for any money to be paid out at all.

Then, of course, comes the issue of coverage while you’re out sailing. Since boats have nothing to do with your home, don’t expect your insurer to foot the repair bill when you find yourself in an open-sea fender bender. Also, don’t expect them to shoulder medical claims should you injure someone during a collision. If you don’t have boat insurance, you pay the tab.

So before you find yourself in these unfortunate circumstances, be sure to get an insurance policy specifically designed for private water vehicles. They won’t only cover you from property damage and bodily injury, some also offer added protection from pollution liability, while others feature perks like towing assistance or boat accessory coverage. Some will even cover you if another driver was operating your boat at the time of the accident.

If you need comprehensive boat insurance, don’t hesitate to call Allied Insurance Manager, Inc., one of the largest independent property casualty insurance agencies in the country. We represent only the most trusted insurers on the market, all of whom are highly rated by Standard & Poors and A.M. Best Company. We have close ties with many local and national insurance companies, so you are sure to get the best rates for your boat insurance policy. For all your insurance needs, there’s only one number to dial: 248-853-0930!

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