Why Get Hired and Non-owned Auto Insurance for Michigan Businesses?


Risk is an inherent part of running a business and insurance policies are a hedge against unfortunate circumstances that might hurt your bottom line. If you’re wise, you should already have business auto insurance in Michigan that covers you when company-owned vehicles run into accidents. Is that enough, however?

What if your employees use their personal vehicles for official company business, like picking up visiting clients at the airport or doing house-to-house sales? Or perhaps you’re on a business trip and you rented a car instead of bringing a company vehicle? If you or your employee becomes involved in an accident, your business might be on the hook for damages resulting from the mishap. Fortunately, Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. can broker insurance policies that are specifically designed to protect you from this type of liability.

This coverage is found with Hired and Non-owned automobile liability insurance. As the name suggests, it covers property damages and bodily injury caused by a personal or hired vehicle operated under official business.

Even better, you can add this policy to your existing business automobile coverage plan, thus protecting all vehicles operated under your business from sued damages. If you don’t have an automobile insurance policy, it will simply be added to your company’s general liability policy.

If you want to avoid this scenario, don’t hesitate to contact Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. As one of the largest independent property casualty insurance agencies in the country, we represent only the most trusted insurers in the industry, including Great American Insurance Group, the Michigan Insurance Company, and the Foremost Insurance Group, among many others. All our partners are highly esteemed and have received the highest ratings from the A.M. Best Company and Standard & Poors.

With our extensive network, we will help you find competitive rates on Hired and Non-owned automobile liability insurance policies so you and your employees can drive worry free. For the best car insurance in Michigan, there’s only one name to trust: Allied Insurance Managers, Inc.!

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