Understanding the Current U.S. Insurance Market: What You Need to Know


The insurance industry is a complex web of policies, premiums, and protections. But what happens in this industry directly affects you, the insured. A recent report on the 2nd quarter of 2023 by BofA Global Research has shed light on some key trends and changes in the U.S. insurance market. Here’s what you need to know and why it matters to you.

1. Catastrophe Losses Are Up

A series of severe storms has led to significant catastrophe losses in the insurance industry. This has particularly affected Michigan, with companies like The Hanover feeling the pressure. What does this mean for you? Insurance companies are taking steps to manage these losses, including rate increases and changes to terms & conditions. These changes could affect your premiums and the coverage you receive, so staying informed and possibly reviewing your policy is essential.

2. Personal Auto Insurance Under Pressure

If you own a car, you might have noticed your insurance premiums rising. The report highlights that inflation and labor constraints are increasing the cost of physical damage repairs. This, coupled with an increase in personal auto liability trends, has put pressure on personal auto insurance. The industry expects to reach target profitability for personal lines margins only by mid-2025. So, be prepared for potential changes in your auto insurance policy and keep an eye on those premiums.

3. Commercial Margins Are Strong, but Watch Out for Liability Trends

On a positive note, commercial margins have remained strong, with rates generally outpacing loss cost trends. However, there’s a growing concern about rising liability loss cost trends. If you own a business, this could affect your commercial insurance policy. Monitoring these trends and understanding how they might impact your coverage is crucial.

4. Liability Loss Ratios Remain Under Scrutiny

The report also emphasizes that liability loss ratios will continue to be closely watched. This could have a significant impact on longer-duration claims due to the leveraged effect of inflation. If you have a liability policy, whether personal or commercial, this is something to keep an eye on.

Why Should You Care?

These trends and changes in the insurance industry are not just numbers on a page. They directly affect your insurance premiums, coverage, and the financial stability of your insurance provider. Ensuring your insurance policies continue offering the protection you need is vital.

The ability to recover from unexpected events, whether a car accident or a natural disaster, relies on the stability and responsiveness of your insurance provider. Understanding these industry trends helps you make informed decisions about your coverage and prepares you for potential changes.


The recent BofA Global Research Report on US Insurance for the 2nd quarter of 2023 offers valuable insights into the current state of the insurance industry. By understanding these key takeaways, you can better navigate the complex world of insurance and ensure that you continue to have the protection you need.

At Allied Insurance Managers, we’re here to help you understand these changes and how they might affect your policies. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Your peace of mind is our priority.

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