The Importance of Pollution Liability Insurance


Muskegon County, MI- On Friday, July 11th, one of Michigan’s well known amusement parks, Michigan’s Adventure, had a chemical exposure issue at a pool inside the waterpark. This chemical reaction, generated by two chemicals that had improperly mixed, created a small chlorine gas cloud in the pool area. The Muskegon Heights fire chief explained that the cloud was comprised of two common household pool chemicals (muriatic acid and sodium hypochlorite) and that when mixed, in a large enough quantity, produce a chlorine gas.

Following the event, fifty people received care; twenty-six of them were taken to the hospital and the others were hosed off in the parking lot. The majority of the patients are being treated for difficulty breathing and burning sensations of the face. With that being said, those that were hospitalized were released the same night.

Dealing with a pollution loss can involve not only federal, state, and local government, but can also damage a reputation. Officials are still looking into what caused the chemical leak; most believe it was a result of human error.

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