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Your business is an important investment that – if only for the sake of the amount of resources that you put into it – you should always protect with reliable business insurance in Michigan. Although it’s always good to hope and give your best to your enterprise, it’s never a bad thing to expect the worst and put up a safety net so that your business doesn’t break from a potentially lethal fall. Here are a few business insurance policies that you should have:


Liability Insurance

According to Microsoft’s Business content website, efficient liability insurance just might be the most important part of your coverage arsenal:

“This covers damage to property or injuries suffered by someone else for which you are held responsible. This can take in a range of disasters, from the postal worker who sues you for a dog bite incurred during a delivery to your home business, to the clumsy customer who scorches himself after you make your complimentary coffee just too darn hot.”

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation benefits your employees as much as it benefits you. Essentially, this is where you get the funds for the hospitalization, lost payroll, and disability coverage shouldof your workers get into an accident that causes some form of personal injury.

Auto Insurance

If your line of business involves the use of vehicles (as in transportation, logistics, product delivery, etc.), having good business auto insurance to back you up can be a great advantage. In this day and age, car accidents are almost an unavoidable fact of life, and they can be quite costly, too.

Remember that investing in a reliable Michigan business insurance policy offered by established companies like Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. could serve as your safety net to help keep you from losing everything should something happen to derail your entrepreneurial venture. There’s nothing better than knowing that you always have something to fall back on in case things don’t go according to plan.


(Source: Protect your business: 7 types of insurance coverage, Microsoft Business)


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