Michigan Car Insurance Info: Get to Know the State’s No-Fault Law


Michigan Car Insurance Info: Get to Know the State’s No-Fault Law

When it comes to automobile, bus, truck, or motorcycle accidents in Michigan, it is important to note that the state practices a no-fault policy. Under Michigan’s No-Fault Act, your auto insurance company will be the one responsible for paying most of your economic damages, regardless of who’s at fault. Coming into effect on October 1, 1973, the law was designed to achieve two things: compensate persons injured in auto accidents quickly and equitably, and limit lawsuits by paying benefits quickly.

Michigan Auto Law enumerates the five benefits you could be entitled to should you find yourself involved in a car accident in the Great Lake State.

Get to Know the State’s No-Fault Law

Medical Expenses

Michigan’s No-Fault Act provides reimbursement for all medical expenses incurred by a personal injury from a vehicular accident. Depending on the type of coverage you obtained, the benefits you receive may either be full or coordinated (the insurance company only pays for the balance not covered by your basic health insurance).


The Act also contains a provision for the reimbursement of transportation expenses, including those for traveling to and from hospitals, doctor’s offices, and rehabilitation clinics. In that sense, the injured party must keep a record of his or her mileage expenses for reference.

Wage Loss

The Act’s wage loss provision states that an injured person will be reimbursed up to 85 percent of any wage lost due to injury. The legally-set monthly maximum is adjusted every year. Wage loss benefits are payable up to three years from the date of the accident.

Replacement Services

An injured person can receive up to $20 a day for any services he or she may need to carry out daily activities that he or she are no longer able to do because of injury. Replacement services can include property maintenance, car maintenance, child care services, meal preparation, and driving family members to appointments.

Attendant Care

The No-Fault Act states that attendant care benefits are recoverable in the event of a serious auto accident injury. Attendant care includes, monitoring and supervision, administering medication, ambulation, dressing, bathing, wound care, and more.

Under Michigan’s No-Fault system, injured accident victims are promptly compensated for their losses. Of course, to receive a fair amount of compensation, you need to find a reputable insurance company that can satisfy your needs. Find the right insurance provider for you by working with top car insurance brokers such as Allied Insurance Managers.


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