Michigan Auto Insurance Companies: Tips for Filing Vandalism Claims


A vandalized car does not paint a pretty picture. Having someone intentionally damage your vehicle can be frustrating at the very least. Vandalism may be punishable by law in the state of Michigan but that doesn’t stop some people from maliciously defacing someone else’s property.



Slashed tires, broken windows, and scratched paint can be very expensive to repair, and there’s nothing more vexing than spending hard-earned money on damage done by someone else’s hand. Most people don’t usually expect to become victims of vandalism and are often unprepared for such incidents. Some may find it difficult to immediately restore their cars to their former state. Having insurance coverage from a Michigan car insurance company can help to lessen the expenses the car owner has to deal with.

There are different insurance policies available on the market. Protection against damage caused by vandalism falls under comprehensive coverage. According to an article from About.com, “Unlike property damage liability insurance (which pays for damages to another person’s property [if] you cause in an accident) and collision coverage (which protects you from having to pay for collision-specific damages to your own vehicle), comprehensive insurance covers non collision-related expenses such as those associated with vandalism, weather and natural disasters, theft and animal collisions.”

If you have comprehensive coverage and want to file a vandalism claim, the first thing you have to do is to obtain a police report. A police reports is necessary not only because such incidents should be documented by the proper authorities but also because insurance companies usually require this as evidence.

Next, call your insurance agent and provide them with the necessary information. They will inquire about the date, time, and location of the incident and will ask other basic questions regarding the scope of the damage and your plans for repairs.

The insurance company will then forward your case to the claims adjuster. The claims adjuster will investigate if your case is valid or not. If it is proven to be valid, the insurance company will then honor their contract and help pay for car repairs as listed in the policy.

Auto insurance in Michigan can help prepare a car owner for worst case scenarios. Those who want comprehensive coverage for auto insurance can talk to an agent from Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. They offer various types of insurance policies that can suit any automobile owner’s needs.


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