Portrait Of Excited Couple Standing Outside New Home

Make Sure Your “Dream Home” Is a Safe Home


If you’re looking to buy a new house, there can be a lot to think about.Portrait Of Excited Couple Standing Outside New Home

With factors such as where you work, where your kids go to school, and where you can shop for food and other basic needs, just finding a good location can be difficult.

It can be a relief to find a house that’s where you want it. However, don’t settle for any house because it’s in a good location.

This is where you’ll be living in for years, if not decades. It should be built safely, functionally and practically. When looking at potential houses, keep a keen eye out for a few things.

Proper Draining

Water should always be able to get away from the house.

Almost all homes rise above the street they’re on, so water will flow away from the house. Water damage is a serious issue, and any home that is built in a way that water will come towards it is susceptible it.

If a house you’re looking at can have water run toward it or even allow standing water, it’s better to look for one that doesn’t have this issue.

Overhanging Greenery

Most people like a good-looking front yard and backyard to color up the outside of the house. However, while they can be nice, maintenance is key.

Make sure none of them are too close to the house or hanging over the roof – in cases of wind or other extreme weather conditions, they can fall onto the house and cause damage. Keep them at a safe distance from the house if they’re tall, and always be sure to keep them properly trimmed.

Good, Solid Foundation

The house should not have any cracks in the foundation, nor should it appear to be sagging, slanted, or otherwise misshapen. The house should also feel leveled and flat on every floor. If your potential house is on a bad foundation, living there can be dangerous, as well as expensive to repair on your own.

It Looks Good!

If you’re walking up to the house and you already see issues, the inside is almost never worth it.

Any signs of rotting, decay, cracking, or other indications of damage should be a red flag.

Finding a home that satisfies all your needs can be difficult, but your health and safety should be first.

Look for a house that is secure and sturdy before you think about putting down an offer.

Of course, these aren’t the only things to think about. We recommend you get an inspection, but this is a good start. Happy home hunting.

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