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Arranging for insurance obligations is never far behind when you are buying a new vehicle. However, you must hunker down for premiums that can be crazy wherever you live. Jon Chavez of the Toledo Blade in Toledo, OH, reports:

Michigan Drivers

“Gekkos, talking pigs, and Flo notwithstanding, your auto insurance rates depend a lot on whether you live north or south of the Ohio-Michigan border.


According to a new report by, Ohio drivers pay the lowest premiums in the nation at $926 a year, while Michigan drivers are at the opposite end with the highest premiums of $2,551.”

The almost-perennial distinction of Michigan as a state with no-fault and high insurance premiums may be rattling to private or commercial motorists alike. The Wolverine State is the only one in the entire country where auto-related injuries can elicit lifetime coverage, and the state appeals court recently maintained that the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association cannot be subject to the Freedom of Information Act with regards to premium calculations. When you are in need of good premiums that will not be too hard on your wallet, experts at auto insurance in Michigan such as Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. have the means to facilitate your needs.

The findings in the Insure study were based on studying average rates from six major auto insurers working on a single 40-year-old male motorist with a clean driving record and positive credit ratings. The policy limits marked on the study included $300,000 for multiple injury coverage, $100,000 for single-person injury liabilities, and $50,000 in property damage liabilities, plus $500 deductible for collision and comprehensive coverage.

Motorists applying for car insurance in Michigan through insurers like Allied will often be graded on various factors that will determine the final rates for the premium. They include the vehicle’s year and make, the incidence of theft or accidents, repair expenses, and your geographical area. Safety features can help cut down the rates.

An Insurance study looked at the 2014 model-year vehicles that received lower annual premiums. Owners of Jeep vehicles paid less; seven Jeep models won the Top 20 list, with the Wrangler Sport averaging lower annual premiums at $1,080 while the Wrangler Rubicon’s annual premiums came in slightly higher at $1,209. Some sports cars ended up finishing at the bottom. For example the Nissan GT-R Track Edition averaged annual premiums at $3,169.

When it comes to protecting your loved ones on the road there is no substitute for safe driving. When it comes to choosing auto insurance there is no substitute for being adequately insured.

(Source: Michigan drivers pay nation’s highest auto insurance premiums, Toledo Blade, 25 February 2014)

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