Choosing the Right Business Insurance for Your Winery in Michigan


As an owner of a winery, you know that producing fine wines is more than just growing grapes and putting it in a bottle. Aside from time, skill, and creativity, other components like staffing and management play their own roles in crafting an excellent wine. Whether your winery is family-owned or a corporation, it is important to anticipate risks and choose the right business insurance in Michigan and we can help you with customized features to meet the unique needs of your operation.



For wineries, there are a number of key coverages that make up the right business insurance policy. One of which is an insurance coverage that provides you with a “manufactures selling price endorsement”. This allows for a higher valuation of your finished products. In the event of a covered loss, this coverage will account for the extra expenses that you will incur to replace and age the lost products.

Another thing that you should look for is coverage for human or mechanical error resulting in damage to (or loss of) your products. Our policies can cover overfilling wine tanks, pipe rupture, or collapsed barrels.

Other optional coverages you may want to include in your policy are coverage for wine products stored off premises, wine stored for other wineries, special events held at your vineyard, and coverage for equipment breakdown.

Once you have finished researching all of your insurance requirements, you should contact a Michigan business insurance group like Allied Insurance Managers so they can help you find the right business insurance policy to fit your needs.

(Source: Winery and Vineyard Insurance, Travelers)

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