Business Insurance Agent Offers Mod Analysis Through Cost-Saving Tool


Rochester Hills, Michigan (February 26, 2014) – Renowned business insurance agent company Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. is offering clients a valuable Workers Compensation Insurance tool that enables them to control business costs and to uncover areas of improvement. The business insurance analysis program, called the “ModMaster”, can help firms better understand their workers compensation experience mod calculations and determine their potential cost savings.

Businesses can take control of their workers compensation insurance costs with experience mod analysis, which the ModMaster offers. They can expose key factors that can greatly affect the mod calculations and identify which ones to improve on, in order to reduce and prevent losses. For example, analysts can determine the types of injuries a department is experiencing. With the information provided, they can isolate this area and apply loss control methods to minimize the occurrence of these injuries in the future.

Through the ModMaster, business leaders can also develop efficient solutions to address their employee safety needs and focus their energies on the areas that need attention the most. The tool can forecast future workers compensation experience mod ratings based on the data entered into the program. Moreover, it can empower businesses to plan strategically by helping them allocate their budgets properly as well as make informed and timely risk management decisions.

Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. tackles all kinds of insurance needs: business and industry-specific commercial, life and health, and home and auto. Additionally, they offer proactive risk management strategies by which both business leaders and business insurance brokers can lower workers’ compensation premiums and indirect claim costs.

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