Auto Insurance in Michigan: Sports Car Coverage

Those with the financial means may consider investing in a sports car. Whether it’s an American muscle car like the Corvette ZR1 or foreign vehicles like the Mercedes CLK GTR, a prize steed gives the driver an adrenaline rush. However, Sports Car Club Magazine underlines the importance of seeking auto insurance. If you’re buying a sports car, plan ahead. Find adequate and affordable protection. Companies that handle auto insurance in Michigan, like Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. can discuss your options with you.

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For the Vehicle

When insuring your sports car, the insurer can ask you to delve further into the nuances of collision and comprehensive coverage, considering that performance vehicles have their variables. Collision coverage is for compensation if the vehicle was accidentally damaged by another vehicle, whereas comprehensive coverage is for other factors that will affect the car.

A fictional supercar from a hit video game had a promotional write-up stating that its driver’s insurance premium went up quicker than its 0-60 acceleration time. In many cases, that’s an underlying problem to prepare for when investing in a sports car. That being said, being able to attain a lower premium can be possible.

Security – The looks and performance of sports cars often make them magnets for thieves. To this end, you can invest in high-quality anti-theft systems such as locks for the steering wheel, clutch, brake pedals, or killswitches. Take the effort to stow the vehicle in a locked garage because insurers can raise the premium if it is simply parked in the driveway or the curb.

No Add-ons – It is often inadvisable to modify a sports car. Preferred insurance companies may find it impossible to determine how much the alterations have changed from the original factory model. The manufacturer may even void the car’s warranty due to the mods.

The Driver

The driver and their driving history is also considered and assessed when calculating insurance for the vehicle.

Sports cars have been labelled as some of the most challenging vehicles for insurers to quote a premium for. On the bright side, though, when you’ve learned how to master your own car’s raw power and you are able to stay safe on the road, it will increase your chances of having a more affordable premium. Call a Michigan car insurance professional today.


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