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Here’s something to drink to: according to statistics, Michigan has the fifth most number of breweries in the country and its burgeoning craft beer industry contributed $133 million to the state economy in 2011 alone. Of course, each of Michigan’s 180-plus breweries are businesses, too, and just like all enterprises, they need insurance policies that protect them against untoward circumstances. Fortunately, Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. offers business insurance to Michigan breweries and other companies in the beverage manufacturing industry.

Take for example the Rochester Mills Beer Co., one of the area’s leading craft breweries. As its director for operations, Stewart McWilliams, says in a video posted on our website, business insurance is an important but often neglected aspect of running a brewery:

As a small business, insurance is probably one of the last things we think about. So we just want to make sure that we’re covered where we need to be covered…Making sure we have the right amount of coverage so when something happens we don’t have to worry about it.

Understanding this need, account executive Paul Kosmal got in touch with the Selective Insurance Group, which has had experience in insuring breweries before. Kosmal, McWilliams, and representatives of Selective went over the details of the policy until they arrived at mutually agreeable terms. Now, McWilliams feels like they have a partner in ensuring their company’s future:

When you have insurance, you want to feel like someone’s there to listen to you and answer your questions, and take care of any concerns you have. And we’ve always felt like we’ve been taken care of by Selective and Allied.

This innovative policy is actually the brainchild of Kosmal and fellow account executive Chris Beardslee. As students at Michigan State & Western Michigan University, the two would “pre-inspect” or sample the amazing beers offered by area’s breweries. After joining forces at Allied Insurance Managers, a light bulb went on: wouldn’t it be great if they could provide an extensive program for the Michigan breweries?

Now, Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. works closely with the country’s top “A”-rated insurers to provide secure coverage for companies like craft breweries, wineries, distilleries, and many others in the beverage industry. We have established strong relationships with key underwriters in this niche market, allowing us to get the best terms for our clients.

If you need trusted MI business insurance for your brewery, don’t hesitate to call us at 248-853-0930. You can also learn more about the Rochester Mills Beer Co. case study by heading over to this link:

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