Allied Insurance Managers Donates To Charlotte’s Wings, Improving Hospital Stays For Children





About Charlotte’s Wings

Founded in March of 2008, Charlotte’s Wings is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting ailing children and their families in hospitals and hospice care in Michigan; through the donation of new books. Charlotte’s Wings goal is to bring a smile, create a dream, or simply provide an escape from an unfortunate reality to sick children going through a tough time.


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On December 8, 2007, a five-month old girl Charlotte was lost to a rare, incurable brain disease. Family, friends and community members were devastated by her un-timely passing. Charlotte’s family pushed through the pain of their loss and began to help others in similar situations. To honor Charlotte’s memory, the family began donating hundreds of children’s books to local hospitals in an effort to aid children and their families.

Whether a child is facing a minor surgery or terminal illness, a book can provide encouragement and comfort to a child during a frightening time. Charlotte’s Wings has donated nearly 44,000 books to hospitals and hospices in Michigan since their beginning in 2008.

Allied Insurance Managers and The Selective Insurance Group Foundation have teamed together to provide donations to Charlotte’s Wings. Getting involved in the community is easier than it may seem and proves to be extremely rewarding. Every dollar counts; with 99 percent of all donations going toward new books for the children, you can rest assured your money is being spent wisely. Please get involved in your local community to help impact the lives of those less fortunate.

 .Meeting With Charlotte's Wings Director: Jennifer Buck.  Pictured: Corbin Nieswand, Jennifer Buck, Jayson Bass and Brandon Schweiger

Meeting in Rochester with Charlotte’s Wings Director: Jennifer Buck

Pictured: Corbin Nieswand, Jennifer Buck, Jayson Bass and Brandon Schweiger






“During Christmas 2009, Charlotte’s Wings donated: No Matter What, by Debi Gliori, to provide to the children and families in our program. This was such a simple book that sends out such a beautiful message, a message of unconditional love. Coming from someone who has read this story to many of our hospice children and their siblings I have seen the impact it has and the actions of love that follow. It really allows children to understand that no matter what, you are special.”“I just wanted to let you know how much these books mean to our hospice children. We have the honor of seeing the faces of our children light up to these beautiful stories. Working for this program I have seen the impact these books leave for our children and I have to say, not only is it a gift to us for your generous donations but it touches so many lives of so many children and families in our program.”

 Katarina Juncai, LKMSW, St. John Walk With Me

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 Click “Donate” or “Become A Sponsor” to see how you can help. Charlotte’s Wings will host its 9th annual benefit in 2016 and is always looking for sponsors. In 2015 the Charlotte’s Wings 8th Annual Benefit Raised Nearly $100,000!

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