Protecting Your Pool

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Pool with floaters on top

Summer’s just getting started.

Relaxing by your pool in the backyard or going for a swim can sound relaxing.Pool with floaters on top

If you own a private pool, there’s a lot of work that can go into it.

Here’s a few easy tips on how to keep your pool safe and secure.

Invest in a Pool Cover

Water has two ways of getting out of your poll at night. Wind and evaporation can cause you to lose water you then need to replace.

A pool cover can protect your pool from these causes when you’re not using the pool. Additionally, it can shield the pool from dust, leaves or birds that might sneak in to wade around the water.

Clean Filters Regularly

A pool should have good filters installed. Their job is to take in anything contaminating the pool, such as bits of leaves or floating cotton and remove it from your pool.

The filters themselves, however, can only hold so much contamination. Think of them like a trash can. Every day or two, check to see how much they’re taking in and clean them to prevent backup.

Keep the Water Level from the Top

You should have a few inches between your water level and the actual height of the pool. Pool water that’s too close to the surface can overflow when people enter and flow away.

If you can’t enter your pool without water running out, lower the level a couple inches instead of replacing the water you’ve lost.

Run Chemical Tests

Every few days, check to make sure your pool has a good chemical balance. pH level, calcium hardness and alkalinity are among the chemical levels you should be monitoring.

When purchasing pool chemicals, consult with the seller for professional advice if you’re unsure. Don’t guess and risk putting too many chemical substances in at once.

Having a private pool can be fun and relaxing. With proper care and maintenance, you can keep the fun going for years to come.

3 Tips to Keep Your Lawn Looking Great

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happy family lying on grass in the back of the house.

A good lawn can be one of the most attractive features of a home.

It’s a place for you and your family to grill, play frisbee and enjoy weather on the good days.

However, a good lawn requires care.

Small animals and weather can pose as threats and cause damage to an otherwise well-kept lawn. Here are a few tips to keep your lawn well- groomed.

Keep Your Lawn Clear of Any Grubs

Grubs are small, slimy gray insects.

They can often crawl around on the ground and are a popular food of choice for small animals, especially moles.

Don’t allow the grub population in your lawn to become too large. If you’re seeing more than a few grubs every couple of square feet, buy insect spray for the yard.

Eliminating a food source for critters will keep them away.

If You Have a Pet, Clean Up After Them

If you’re a pet owner, keep an eye on when your pet releases waste on the lawn. The waste can damage your lawn and ruin nearby grass.

Clean up after your pets as quickly as possible and spray the area with water after you finish. If neighboring pets or stray animals are leaving behind waste, consider putting up a fence around your lawn.

Keep an Eye out for Holes

Holes create two issues.

The first is that they are unsightly and not a good look for any lawn. The second is that holes can kill grass and ruin the lawn’s foundation.

Moles and voles are two wild animals most likely to dig in your lawn.

Set traps to kill them if you spot holes in your lawn. If your pets are digging holes in your lawn, train them not to, or find some other way for them to expend their energy.

A good lawn takes a lot of work. If you know how to solve problems that pop up, maintaining a lawn can be that much easier.

Everyday Savings

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Money management

Very few people can live without budgeting. It’s a valuable life skill that many use to save money.

Are you looking for ways to get as much as you can on a small budget?

Check out these helpful tips on what you can do to easily reduce unnecessary spending.

Use Coupons

It’s a common tip many hear, but it is always effective. If you’re going grocery shopping or buying a service (such as a haircut), see what coupons you have for them and take them with you.

Additionally, large grocery stores often have weekly “circulars”, booklets listing all items on sale that week. Be sure to have one on hand while you’re shopping.

If your friends and family have a habit of buying gift cards as presents, don’t lose track of these either. Depending on how much the gift card is worth, it can help you pay for your entire purchase or at least take money off your purchase.


Do you have any coworkers who live nearby or large friend groups who like to go out together?

Put together a carpool schedule.

This helps all parties involved save money and gas.

Turn off the Lights

You don’t have to turn off all lights, just the ones you’re not using.

This also goes for appliances such as a television or a lamp. Don’t keep them on for the sake of it.

Consider investing in a power strip for your appliances. With one button, you can turn off the power to those appliances at the same time.

Focus on Your Health

This is always good advice, but it also helps you save money.

When you’re consistently ill, you’re paying for doctor care and medicine. You’re also missing work and not functioning at full capacity.

Write Down Your Spending

Many people keep a registrar of transactions related to their bank account.

Take it a step further and do this on all your spending.

When you write down what you’re spending and why you’re spending it, it can help you realize your habits more easily.

From there, you can determine where you can reduce spending and save your money instead.

Saving money is something everyone can do.

By making a few easy adjustments to your day-to-day life, you can keep your wallet full and your budget maintained.