Pool with floaters on top

Protecting Your Pool

Summer’s just getting started.

Relaxing by your pool in the backyard or going for a swim can sound relaxing.Pool with floaters on top

If you own a private pool, there’s a lot of work that can go into it.

Here’s a few easy tips on how to keep your pool safe and secure.

Invest in a Pool Cover

Water has two ways of getting out of your poll at night. Wind and evaporation can cause you to lose water you then need to replace.

A pool cover can protect your pool from these causes when you’re not using the pool. Additionally, it can shield the pool from dust, leaves or birds that might sneak in to wade around the water.

Clean Filters Regularly

A pool should have good filters installed. Their job is to take in anything contaminating the pool, such as bits of leaves or floating cotton and remove it from your pool.

The filters themselves, however, can only hold so much contamination. Think of them like a trash can. Every day or two, check to see how much they’re taking in and clean them to prevent backup.

Keep the Water Level from the Top

You should have a few inches between your water level and the actual height of the pool. Pool water that’s too close to the surface can overflow when people enter and flow away.

If you can’t enter your pool without water running out, lower the level a couple inches instead of replacing the water you’ve lost.

Run Chemical Tests

Every few days, check to make sure your pool has a good chemical balance. pH level, calcium hardness and alkalinity are among the chemical levels you should be monitoring.

When purchasing pool chemicals, consult with the seller for professional advice if you’re unsure. Don’t guess and risk putting too many chemical substances in at once.

Having a private pool can be fun and relaxing. With proper care and maintenance, you can keep the fun going for years to come.