Let it Snow: Does your Home Insurance in Michigan Cover Winter Damages?

Winter with its crisp, cold air and delicate snowfall can be breathtakingly picturesque. Such beauty in nature, however, can easily turn ferocious. Stephanie Reid of Fox Business states: “In addition to the health and safety dangers of sub-zero temperatures, blinding snowstorms and inconspicuous ice sheets, winter weather can also be incredibly dangerous to your home.”…

Business Insurance in Michigan: Importance of Protecting Online Data

Today, because of the increasing power of the Internet, more and more companies, big and small, are moving their businesses online. By doing so, however, they become vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This is why it is important to have some form of business insurance in Michigan that would cover and protect online data. One such coverage…

Michigan Auto Insurance Covers You from the Risks of a Distracted Driving

Before going any further, let’s just get this out there: distracted driving is absolutely perilous. No questions asked. It basically works like driving while intoxicated; only the person behind the wheel is completely sober and aware of the situation but blatantly negligent of the potential perils.

Top 5 Reasons to Do Business with Allied Insurance Managers, Inc.

Do you need property or casualty insurance to protect your business, home or life? Are you looking for customized insurance programs or specific products? Talk to us at Allied Insurance Managers. Here are the top five reasons to do business with us: