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Before going any further, let’s just get this out there: distracted driving is absolutely perilous. No questions asked. It basically works like driving while intoxicated; only the person behind the wheel is completely sober and aware of the situation but blatantly negligent of the potential perils.

Editorial-Distracted Drivers Pose Threat

Alarming accident numbers from survey polls conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety back up this claim. Drivers talking on the phone while on the road are a legitimate road hazard. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported hundreds of accidents caused by distracted driving in 2012, making this a pressing issue.

In 2013, one such case led to the untimely demise of little Brandon Abrams, aged 6, who fell victim to a distracted driver in Texas. Now, his bereaved grandfather and scores of people from all over the nation who share relevant concerns are now pushing for the complete outlawing of distracted driving for good. Until then, only the likes of a reliable Michigan auto insurance policy will offer any sort of compensation for victims, until distracted drivers (but not always) get their just dessert in court for their deeds.

The root of the (distracted driving) scourge can be traced to its “ancestor”: multi-tasking. Various researches have suggested that only 2% of all people in the world can really multi-task, but that don’t help as a huge number of people are still under the impression that they can multi-task, but actually cannot. Sadly, a lot of these people take this misconception of themselves right up to the driver’s seat where the consequences can be fatal.

So why are people bad at multi-tasking, bad enough that they shouldn’t be tempting the fates with it? According to Arthur Markman, professor of psychology at the University of Texas, at Austin, dividing attention across multiple activities is taxing on the brain and can adversely affect true productivity. The fact is being distracted while doing a task (i.e. incoming calls while driving) literally lowers IQ by 10 points—equivalent to missing a night of sleep and twice the effect of smoking marijuana. In other words, distracted drivers are literally dumbed down without realizing it.

While a legal hammer will more than likely slam the heads of these errant drivers to wake them up to their obligation to be more responsible, one can only prepare for the worst. You’ll do yourself and your loved ones a favor by getting reliable car insurance in Michigan from providers like the Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. Check out the right coverage for you. At least you’ll have the assurance that some form of monetary protections are in place for you.

(Source: Editorial: Distracted Drivers Pose Threat, Recorder, January 20, 2015)

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