Why you can Rest Easy about Michigan Home Insurance Claims this Year


Here is some great news for Grand Rapid residents from Insurance Journal:

“Grand Rapids, Mich., plans to spend $4.2 million to repair and improve its floodwall system, after engineers identified weaknesses exposed by a storm last spring that flooded the Grand River which threatened to swamp the city.


The river came close to breaching the city’s flood walls in April. Water flowed in torrents under levees, causing at least $10 million in damage throughout Kent County and causing flooding that forced an estimated 1,700 area residents to leave their homes for higher ground, MLive.com reported.”

improvements planned for flood walls in grand rapids michigan


In the wake of heavy storms and flooding, homeowners are left to consider how to go about rebuilding their homes. This usually comes at great cost, and many people need to file a claim against their home insurance from Michigan providers like Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that all of the damage is covered in the homeowners insurance policy.

The Claim Process

To file a claim, the homeowner needs to first verify coverage by reviewing his policy documents and records. The next step in the process is contacting the insurance provider. Once the insurance provider has been notified make sure to gather as much documentation as possible to ensure that all parties can clearly see that the damage was indeed caused by the storm.

The Good News

The great thing about this floodwall system development project is that it gives homeowners a chance to contend with storms and other natural calamities. Along with the preventive maintenance that homeowners should be doing in their own homes, the measures should help minimize the property damage rate increases in the area. Minimum damage means fewer things in need of repair, and in turn, less insured’s having to go through the complex and grueling task of filing a claim against their trusty Michigan homeowners insurance.

It’s always a relief when you see your community initiate rebuilding efforts to safeguard lives and property from natural disasters. Not only should these protective measures keep you from having to shell out a great deal of money, but it should also help you feel safe and comfortable even in the worst of times.

(Source: Protect your business: Improvements Planned for Flood Walls in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Insurance Journal, January 14, 2014)

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