wash me words on a dirty rear car window

When was your last carwash?

As vehicle owners, it’s easy to to focus solely on the mechanics — in other words, the inside parts. Is it running well? When was the last oil change? While a regular maintenance schedule is ideal and recommended, don’t neglect the outside. The body need attention, too!

A dirty car is unsightly, but it’s more than surface level. Putting off washing your car allows deposits of salt, dirt, bird feces and corrosive materials like brake dust to build up on your car. In turn, this can cause rust, wear and other damage. So while your car may be mechanically fine, it will look less than fine.

Now we’ve got your attention, right? If this information doesn’t get you running to the closest carwash, maybe setting a calendar reminder on your phone will do the job. Just like you make a point to get a haircut every few weeks or months, you should make a point to take care of your car’s exterior. Just be sure to do it when the temperature is above freezing. Water and shampoo solution can quickly freeze onto the surface of the vehicle, literally making it impossible to wash properly.

A weekly wash can do wonders. Not only will your car look great, you will also be taking necessary steps to protect it in the future and boost resale value. Trust us—your car will thank you.