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Plagued with high workers compensation insurance? Try ModMaster from a renowned business insurance broker and discover potential cost savings for your business.

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Insurance is an important aspect that you as a business owner must face. States will not allow you to operate if your employees are not covered by workers compensation insurance. This places a significant importance on proper insurance coverage. However, high insurance premiums are also among the main reasons why businesses lose money.

Allied Insurance Managers, an experienced business insurance broker, is giving you the opportunity to try ModMaster, an effective analytics tool that can help you assess your current experience modifier. Experience modifiers, also known as mods, have been used for the longest time to try to determine where the deductions are coming from, but the concept is slowly losing its relevance as the years go by.

Not with ModMaster. Proper grasp of a business’ mod is an important factor in success, and the ModMaster can help you achieve that. Through this tool, you can learn which losses are causing your higher premiums and what actions you can do to lessen them. A capable business insurance agent will help you deal with your insurance woes using the right solutions.

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  • Allied Insurance Managers is offering businesses the mod analytics tool, ModMaster.
  • ModMaster provides information regarding the costs associated with a company’s mod and provides proposals to help businesses reduce their premiums.
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