Andrew McBride

Meet our 2016 Summer Interns


At Allied Insurance Managers, we believe in investing in the future. This is one of the reasons we have our Summer Intern Program. This year’s group of interns is excited and ready to learn and we are happy to have them. Check out what Drew and Madison have to say:

Mname is Andrew McBride and I am currently 21 years old from Rochester, Michigan. I am going to be a senior at Michigan State University this upcoming fall and expecting to graduate in the spring of 2017. I look forward to  earning my degree in interpersonal communications and am thinking about entering the insurance industry after graduation.

I am very excited and honored to be accepted into Allied’s internship program and determined to learn as much as I can.  Throughout the summer I hope to learn the insurance industry and different applications. Learning how an independent insurance agency acts and operates is another area of interest, as many insurance industry professionals are headed towards the end of their careers.  Another area of  interest that brought me to this position is the aspiration to gain a sense of professionalism that so many businesses and agencies currently desire. Being included in the work environment for only a few days now, I have already been able to see the dedication and care every employee has for their job and I hope to carry this behavior myself and bring energy and new ideas to help better the Allied team as a whole.


Hello, my name is Madison Morton. I am proud to say I am a Spartan, graduating in May 2017 from Michigan State University. Having a creative and business side, I chose to major in advertising with a concentration in management and media. While looking for an internship this summer, I found an interest in Allied. As soon as I began researching Allied, I knew this would be a great place to intern at. After my interview, I walked out with a big smile, knowing this place is a perfect fit. The work environment, the employees, the values, what Allied does, and the work I would be completing instantly captured my attention. Allied allows me to experience it all. I can get hands on experience in marketing, commercial sales, loss control, and many more departments. Within the short time I have been here, I have gained new knowledge, abilities, technology skills, an interest in insurance, and many new friends.

Allied has opened a new door for me, and I have an interest in pursuing insurance after college. Interning at Allied doesn’t mean just running around and getting coffee, but experiencing and taking part in discussions, conferences, and meetings. Allied employees want me to succeed, and are very encouraging. I see why many coworkers say once you chose insurance and working for Allied, you never go back. I look forward to gaining new skills, work ethics, and knowledge, while seeing all the things I can do to further benefit Allied.

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