A red car inside a building.

Keeping Your Car Safe


Michigan’s crumbling roads cost an average of $865 per motorist, according to Crain’s Detroit Business.A red car inside a building.

Beyond avoiding potholes, here are some tips to help your car avoid damage longer and keep it in good condition.

Park Away from Other Cars

Do you like squeezing into an open parking spot?

Most of us don’t enjoy that challenge and we shouldn’t for good reason.

The real “squeeze” comes as people try to get in and out of their cars. All it takes is one careless person to open their door too quickly and dent or scratch your vehicle.

Whenever possible, park away from the building instead of near the entrance.

There are more open spots. By taking a longer walk in the parking lot, you can secure a larger “bubble” of space for your car and get in some extra steps.

Keep Your Car Covered

If you have a garage or any other location to park your car inside of, use it.

Did you know that sunlight can fade your car’s color?

It can.

Keeping your car covered or indoors can protect it from falling tree branches, vandals, hail and other potential damage causing elements.

If you don’t have a structure to park in or under, consider investing in a vehicle cover. Vehicle covers can cost as little as $50 and are a good alternative if you need to park your car outside every night.

Use a Reflectorized Panel in the Windshield

Reflectorized panels are used often in warm climates, but it can help in Michigan too.

When set up, it reflects sunlight back out of the car, keeping it cooler inside and protecting your interior.

Keep Your Tires Inflated

This one may seem like common sense, but there are many reasons to maintain the right tire pressure.

Tires that are underinflated create more friction when they interact with pavement. So even when the tire has enough air to keep you rolling forward, it can overheat, damaging the tires.

A car is a large investment to take on. Don’t make it a bigger investment with unnecessary risks. Keep it safe and keep your finances secure for years to come.

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