How to Prepare for your Life Insurance Medical Exam


Your health plays a big role in determining the cost of a life insurance policy.  Life insurance companies require a medical exam where a trained medical professional comes to you, at your convenience.  The exam usually lasts about 20-30 minutes and the results of the exam aid in determining your rates. A test usually consists of a blood sample, a urine sample, blood pressure, height, weight, and medical history.  The more prepared and informed you are, the better your results can be.

Tips to Consider:life policy

Fast 6-8 hours prior to your exam.  Not fasting runs the risk of elevated blood sugar and blood pressure levels.  Try to schedule the exam for the early morning.

Do not smoke or drink coffee at least one hour prior.  Nicotine and caffeine will elevate your blood pressure.

Avoid drinking any alcoholic beverages 3 days prior.  Alcohol is high in calories and sugar which elevates blood pressure.  It can also make liver enzymes appear elevated.

Try to avoid over salty and sugary foods 24 hours prior.  Cholesterol and blood pressure test results can be affected. For best results, avoid salt and excess fatty foods for five to seven days before your exam; however, 24 hours is the minimum recommended timeframe.

Drink a lot of water the day leading up to and a couple hours prior to your exam.  The water will flush out your system and make it easier for the examiner to draw blood.

Avoid strenuous cardio the night before and the day of your exam.  Exercise raises your blood pressure and pulse readings.

Get a good night’s sleep.  Your blood pressure will be lower if you are well-rested and it also helps offset anxiety and fear.

Have a list of any medications you are currently taking.

Relax and properly prepare

If you are denied coverage don’t give up!  You can choose to improve your health with a balanced diet, regular exercise and better control of any medical issues, or you can decide to reapply for a guaranteed issue life policy.

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