Report a Claim

It is our hope that you have no losses or accidents, but when claims do happen, we are here to help you through it. Most of our carriers have direct reporting with a toll-free number for your convenience.

Please find your carrier below to report your claim immediately. If, for any reason, you wish to report your claim to us, we will be glad to get it to the appropriate carrier for handling.

Commercial Policy Phone
Accident Fund Insurance Company (866) 206-5851
Auto Owners Insurance Company (888) 252-4626
Cincinnati Insurance Company (877) 242-2544
Citizens Insurance Company / Hanover Insurance (800) 626 6601
CNA Insurance Company (877) 262-2727
Conifer Insurance Company(877)-263-6468
Employers Insurance Company(800) 232-3085
Grange Insurance Company (800) 445-3030
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company(888) 951-3200
Michigan Insurance Company(800) 877-9006
Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance Company(877) 858-5361
Encova Insurance Company(800) 876-8766
Manufacturing Technology Mutual(800) 274-5606
Selective Insurance Company(866) 455-9969
Travelers Insurance Company(800) 238-6225
West Bend Mutual Insurance Company/NSI(877) 922-5246
Personal Policy Phone
Auto Owners Insurance Company (888) 252-4626
Cincinnati Insurance Company(877) 242-2544
Citizens Insurance Company / Hanover Insurance(800) 628-0250
Chubb (800) 252-4670
Hagerty Insurance Company(877) 922-9701
Safeco Insurance Company (800) 332-3226
Michigan Insurance Company(800) 255-7131
Progressive Insurance Company (800) 776-4737
Benefits Phone
Auto Owners Life Insurance (888) 252-4626
Blue Cross Blue Shield(877) 469-2583
Cincinnati Life Insurance Company (888) 212-6970
HAP(800) 422-4641
Humana(800) 448-6262
Mutual of Omaha(800) 948-9478
Priority Health(800) 942-4765
United Healthcare (800) 585-6586

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