Classic Cars need Unique Insurance Policies


Classic CarsThe Woodward Dream Cruise is August 20,2016. Are you going to be cruising in your classic car? Thinking about buying a classic car to cruise in?

Well… don’t forget to get the right coverage for your “baby”.

Classic cars should not be covered by a traditional auto policy, if at all possible. While we offer those and it is great for your daily driver, it isn’t great for your classic auto.

Why? Ask yourself these questions:

1. How much is your classic car worth?
Of course it is priceless to you, but should the same math be applied to your classic and the pizza delivery guy’s car? Our partner, Hagerty Insurance Company doesn’t think so. That’s why they offer guaranteed value coverage. A value is agreed upon and that is the amount you are paid in the event of a covered total loss less any deductible or salvage value.

2. Who do you want fixing your car and what parts do you want them using?
Fixing a classic car the right way is important. Replacement parts are not always easily available and sometimes you don’t trust anyone but yourself to do the work. That’s okay. Clients get to choose the repair shop or can be paid to do the work themselves. Hagerty Insurance Company even has a specialist who focuses on tracking down the right replacement parts.

If that isn’t enough, here are a few other things to think about for your Classic Car Coverage

1. How far do you want to drive?
The Woodward Dream Cruise is a 16 mile stretch of Woodward Avenue. Depending on how many laps you do, the mileage can add up. So there are no fixed mileage limits.

2. What deductible do you want?
$0 deductible options are available.

3. Is it worth the money?
Of course that’s for you to decide, but because Hagerty only insures good drivers and vehicles that aren’t driven daily, they are able to offer lower rates than other companies.

Do you have a classic car in your garage? Does it have the right coverage? Contact us if you have any questions and to learn more.

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