Business Insurance Brokers: Find the Right Coverage for a Golf Course


Business Insurance Brokers: Find the Right Coverage for a Golf Course

Find the Right Coverage for a Golf Course

Golf courses face insurance risks that are unique to their industry. Though such locations project scenes of serenity and tranquility, golf courses are still businesses. And like any business, there are dangers that could result in a potentially significant insurance claim at any time. Risk assessments and having the right business insurance agent are key to avoiding such unfortunate circumstances. Below are some of the types of coverage that trusted insurance companies offer golf course owners.

Golf Cart Insurance

Golf Carts are the primary mode of transportation for golfers on the green. Regardless if your patrons use them off-road or on, proper insurance can help you protect your investment. Golf carts can get stolen or damaged, and they can also cause serious damage or injuries in an accident. Even if you’re not legally bound to buy insurance for your golf carts, it will be wise for you to do so for your own peace of mind.

Golf Maintenance Equipment Coverage

Should your golf maintenance equipment get lost, stolen, or damaged, this type of coverage can help you get back on track with minimal delay.

Pesticides and Herbicides Insurance

Pesticides and herbicides help maintain the health of your greenery. Unfortunately, depending on the products you use, you could end up harming the health of individuals who come in contact with it, which can have legal implications. Pesticides and herbicides insurance provides coverage for physical injury or property damage that may result from the intentional spraying of such products.

Errant golf ball property damage

If one of your patrons hit property owned by others—such as a car or a house—and deals significant damage, having this type of coverage can save you a fortune.

Country club insurance

A general country club insurance will cover whatever type of venue that you have to protect such as tennis clubs, city clubs, sports clubs, private and semi-private clubs, golf management companies, golf course communities, and national, state, local golf associations, and more.

Whether you run a public or private golf course, you know that owning such a property is serious business, and it’s crucial to avoid the hazards. With the types of insurance coverage highlighted above, you can rest assured your business is covered from a variety of damages. To find the best coverage for your needs, talk to trusted business insurance brokers such as those working with Allied Insurance Managers, Inc.



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