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Auto insurance policy perks


You may have some perks that are included in your auto insurance policy that you aren’t even aware of. Here are a few good ones to check for:

Accident Forgiveness

Chances are you’ve seen the commercials (we all have) about accident forgiveness. It really is a “thing” and it may save you some money on auto insurance. For policies that offer accident forgiveness, it’s generally only applied to the first “at-fault” accident and then only if you have an otherwise clean driving record. So – maybe “conditional” accident forgiveness might be a better term. However, something is better than nothing and not having your rates go up because of an accident is always a good thing.

Disappearing Deductibles

Another perk/incentive you may have with your auto policy is the “disappearing deductible.” This is a program offered to drivers who have a safe driving record and go a certain designated period of time (most like a policy term) without a reported accident. Generally, for each year you go accident free, your deductible will decrease, usually in increments of $100. Eventually, you may end up having no deductible at all. Some companies do charge an enrollment fee for the disappearing deductible option. With others, it comes as a free bonus of the insurance policy. However, if you do have a safe driving record, it could be worth the cost of enrollment to not have to worry about coming up with a large deductible payment if you have an auto accident.

Roadside service

Some policies have roadside service, so if you need to be towed after a fender-bender, the insurer will pick up the tab. This perk often also means the insurer will send someone with extra fuel if you run out or jumper cables if your battery is dead.

If you’re not sure whether you have these options with your current policy, contact us and we can make sure you are getting all the perks and discounts you deserve! http://alliedinsmgr.com/

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