Allied Insurance Managers Makes Crain’s 2021 Business and Insurance Company List

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Blue confetti background for Crain's List Recognition

We are proud to report that Allied Insurance Managers ranked 21 in Crain’s Top 25 Metro Detroit Business Insurance Agencies List for 2021!

We’re so grateful to receive this recognition for the past 7 years. Our dedication to the highest standards of ethics and integrity is the foundation with which Allied Insurance Managers achieves its goals. Our reputation can be reflected in the companies we have come to represent.

The Crain’s list includes national insurance brokers, privately owned insurance agencies along with employee benefit driven insurance agencies.

We are very proud of our staff and our clients for helping us to achieve this great accomplishment!

Guide for Recording Workplace Injuries and Illnesses

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Filing cabinet with folders for record keeping

The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration created a guide for how you can accurately record work-related injuries and illnesses.

Per MIOSHA, “An injury or illness is considered work-related if it results from an event or exposure in the work environment.”

MIOSHA classifies a work environment as your actual workplace where work is performed, and any other location you have one or more of your employees conducting work or if they’re present at some other location for employment purposes.

“In addition to physical locations, equipment or materials used in the course of an employee’s work are also considered part of the employee’s work environment,” according to MIOSHA.

So, what’s considered a recordable work-related injury or illness?

You can record any fatality that was work-related. You can also record injuries and illnesses related to the workplace on certain conditions. Per MIOSHA, to record a work-related injury or illness, an employee’s injury or illness must require the following:

  • Time off from work
  • Work restrictions or “a transfer to another job”
  • “Loss of consciousness”
  • Medical assistance that is more than just simple first aid treatment
  • A diagnosis or medical test from the employee’s doctor or other licensed health care provider that the employee has suffered a “significant” injury or illness

Please note that MIOSHA says that work-related injuries that need first aid but do not have any of these previously listed situations tied to the injury are not recordable.

MIOSHA has an extensive list of what constitutes as first aid versus medical treatment and how you should record an injury or illness as being treated (first aid or medical treatment).

Here are some examples of injuries and illnesses that would fall under first aid according to MIOSHA:

  • Treating wounds on the skin via “cleaning, flushing, or soaking”
  • Using first aid tools that help cover open wounds on the skin such as a bandage or Band-Aid.
  • “Drinking fluids for relief of heat disorders”
  • “Using hot or cold therapy”

Likewise, first aid that you would need to record as a medical treatment for record-keeping purposes could include the following scenarios according to MIOSHA:

  • Giving certain non-tetanus immunizations such as Hepatitis B
  • Needing physical therapy or chiropractic treatment
  • Needing sutures or staples or any other medical treatment to help treat open wounds
  • Having “a recommendation by a physician or other licensed health care professional to use a non-prescription medication at prescription strength is considered medical treatment for record-keeping purposes.”

If you’d like to view the full list of what constitutes as first aid versus medical treatment to record workplace injuries and illnesses accurately, you can refer to MIOSHA’s full guide here.

Bill Sheldon Honored for 15-Year Commitment to Professional Development

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Bill Sheldon
William R. Sheldon, CIC, LIC, President of Allied Insurance Managers

Rochester Hills MI- Bill Sheldon, CIC of Allied Insurance Managers, was recently recognized for his professional leadership and advanced knowledge by the Society of Certified Insurance Counselors (CIC), a leading national insurance professional organization.

The Society of Certified Insurance Counselors awarded Bill a certificate recognizing him for having more than 15 years of participation as a designated CIC, which requires annual completion of advanced education and training.

Bill Sheldon’s ongoing allegiance and support of the CIC Program is a testament to the value he places on “real world” education and customer satisfaction.

“Your clients, associates, and the insurance profession as a whole will benefit from such dedication and leadership,” said William J. Hold, CRM, CISR, CEO and President of the Society of CIC.

The Society of CIC is a not-for-profit organization of The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research, which is respected throughout the insurance industry for the high standards maintained in the hundreds of institutes conducted annually in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Other programs of The National Alliance include Certified Risk Managers (CRM), Certified Personal Risk Managers (CPRM), James K. Ruble Seminars, the Society of Certified Insurance Service Representatives (CISR), Certified School Risk Managers (CSRM), and The National Alliance Research Academy.