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Your Business Needs a Thermal Imaging Camera, Here’s Why


Would you believe us if we told you a simple camera could help prevent your business from a major electrical fire?

Our partners at Cincinnati Insurance Companies explained how thermal imaging cameras can help businesses “see the heat” before a fire starts.

Here’s how it works.

If you have a circuit breaker that’s heating up, you may not know it’s reaching dangerous temperatures on the inside.

This is where a thermal imaging camera comes into play.

“Using a thermal imaging camera, inspectors were able to “see” the heat so that the hidden wiring issue could be corrected. Without a repair, the problem could have resulted in an electrical fire – a leading cause of building fires,” according to Cincinnati Insurance Managers.

This type of camera will look on the inside of a circuit breaker for instance and show you colors related to the object’s internal temperature.

For example, you will see yellow if temperatures on the inside of an object are extremely hot.

Having access to a thermal imaging camera could be just the thing that helps your business prevent an electrical fire and damages/claims related to a fire.

However, it’s recommended that you let a loss consultant and a licensed electrician help you identify and handle a thermography related issue if loss consultants are applicable to your area and insurance provider.


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