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Workplace Spring Cleaning Tips


Have you gotten around to cleaning your office, cubicle, or workplace in general?

Keeping your workspace or workplace clean is not optional.

A clean work environment is essential for safety and good health.

You wouldn’t want to trip and fall on objects that should have been put away or have to take medication for your allergies that are being triggered by the dust you won’t clean off your desk.

Need more motivation to clean?

These are the benefits you’ll receive from spring cleaning your workplace:

  • Increased productivity— Having to look for things or move stuff around to get what you need decreases productivity. If you keep everything organized and in its proper place, employees can work more efficiently.
  • Safer environment—Without things to trip on or bump into, you should see less workplace accidents. Less accidents means less claims and potential liabilities/lawsuits.
  • Better health— An unclean work environment will expose you and your employees to all kinds of pollutants, allergens, and germs. Keep things clean, so everyone can have better health.

What Should You Clean?

Essentially, everything that poses a safety or health risk to you and your employees.

Keep things out of the walkway, and make sure the floors do not pose a fall risk.

You should also consider cleaning things that will hinder productivity if not cleaned otherwise. This could be your desk, computer, drawers, or whatever else you and your team need to do your job efficiently.

Make sure important spaces and doorways are not blocked by clutter in case of an emergency.

Remember, organization is key.

Consider anything in your workplace that could use a little extra organization and tidy it up.

Labeling can help you with this.

You’ll spend less time looking for things because everything will be labeled and put in its proper place.

We want you and your team to have a safe workplace.

We hope these tips help you with your spring cleaning.

Should you have any questions about how you can better protect your employees, feel free to contact us.






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