This team of four people give four thumbs up to workplace safety.

Workplace Safety Tips  


According to the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MISOSHA), there were 46 workplace fatalities reported in 2021. Any loss of life or injury is a tragedy that should be prevented whenever possible. Therefore, ensuring that your employees have a safe working environment is paramount. Their safety is your responsibility, and we want to help you help them! Keep reading for workplace safety tips.  

Create Emergency Procedures  

Sometimes, despite the best attempts at prevention, emergencies do happen. Creating a game plan will allow employees to address and assess dangerous situations accurately if they occur.   

Always ensure that your written safety plan is always easily accessible and visible. You could also hold regular training sessions to walk through workplace hazards with your team and how to address them.  

Chemicals and Other Toxic Substances 

Did you know that many workers are unaware of chemicals and other potential hazards in their work environment? Lack of knowledge makes your employees vulnerable to exposure and injury.  

Transparency is critical if your employees need to handle chemicals or other toxic substances daily. Ensure that you adequately disclose what they will be working with and provide the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE).  

Are you interested in protecting employees from chemicals and other hazards? Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offers a comprehensive list of standards.  

Keep The Workplace Clean  

Maintaining a clean workplace can increase productivity and protect your employees. Clients who enter your business will also be more likely to return to your business if they have a pleasant experience in your clean office environment.  

All hallways and doorways should remain clutter-free to avoid tripping hazards. In addition, regularly check all emergency exits to ensure that they are never blocked.   

Does your office have lots of computers and printers? Keep an eye out for tangled cords. An employee could easily trip on a loose cable, and it is always good practice to avoid accidentally unplugging computers. Of course, any unsaved documents will be thankful!  

Safety Gear  

Do your employees have access to properly maintained and undamaged PPE? All PPE should be designed and maintained cleanly and reliably. Implement a training program so employees know how to use and fit PPE effectively.  



We hope these workplace safety tips allow you to protect your employees. Are you interested in learning more about our business insurance options? From fast-growing businesses to large enterprises, we have a full suite of insurance programs that can help protect or reduce your company’s risk.  

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