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Behind the success of every small business are the hardworking employees who put in all the time and effort, and sometimes, even their lives on the line – and business owners know that for a fact. According to a recent survey sponsored by EMPLOYERS®, the safety of employees emerged as the top priority among small businesses in the country. In line with this, Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. offers a complete line of business insurance for Michigan small businesses, which includes our Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

Based on the survey, 35% of the respondents picked “workplace safety risks” as the type of risk that has the most potential to impact their respective businesses. Moreover, the same number of respondents also chose the same risk as the one they would spend more time addressing this year. As an employer, it is your duty to provide coverage for your employees and provide a safe working environment.

Recognizing the need of employers to ensure the safety and welfare of their employees, we provide Workers’ Compensation Insurance that features topnotch coverage. We cover employees’ medical care, part of their lost wages, and even permanent disability. The coverage also provides benefits for their dependents of employees who are killed from work-related accidents. Though companies that opt for Workers’ Compensation coverages experience an increase in the annual premiums, there are several ways to lower the costs, which we can help you with.

Tracing our roots way back to 1912, we have all the industry knowledge and expertise in various types of insurances. We represent a number of top-rated insurance companies, which enables us to give our clients several options to fit their specific needs and budget. As trusted professionals, we practice ethics and integrity when dealing with clients and provide all the important details and information to help companies arrive at the best decisions.

As the survey also showed, four out of five small business owners admit that they are not as prepared as they can possibly be when it comes to handling and addressing work-related accidents. If you have yet to come up with a protection plan for your employees, then better take this golden opportunity to do so.

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