Texting isn’t the only path to distracted driving


We all know that texting while driving qualifies as distracted driving and is a dangerous activity. But texting isn’t the only path to distracted driving. Here are some other dangerous behind-the-wheel activities:

Paying attention to what’s happening in the back seat: Trying to mediate a back-seat conflict while you’re driving or looking back to check on a crying child can lead to an accident. In fact, it’s a growing cause of serious car accidents.

Messing with music. Changing radio stations, adjusting stereo volume and even putting in a CD while you’re driving can slow your ability to respond in time to avert a car accident. In-dash technology such as GPS also can be a big distraction while driving.

Eating and drinking. A growing number of accidents are being attributed to eating, drinking and smoking while driving. Safety experts say putting on makeup and for men, shaving, often leads to accidents.

Rubbernecking. OK, we’re all guilty of slowing down to check out a car accident or post-wreck cleanup. But too often the act of ‘rubbernecking’ can cause a driver to be in an accident themselves.

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