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Spring Preparations


It is hard to imagine some days but spring is just around the corner.House cleaning product on wood table

With spring comes potential property damage as weather changes occur.

Here are a few tips on what you can do to protect your home and minimize your risk for property damage:

Shovel Snow Away from Your House

Most people know to keep their driveways cleared of snow during the winter.

However, snow is dangerous in late February and March due to constant temperature changes that can melt and refreeze it.

This can cause water damage.

Additionally, water from the snow melting can leak into cracks and refreeze as ice, which can cause those cracks to widen further.

Don’t wait for the sun to take care of all the snow. Keep it shoveled away from your house so it can’t cause damage if it refreezes.

Make Sure Water Doesn’t Build Up

Between rain and last-minute snowfalls, your house will inevitably have water around it in the early weeks of spring.

Make sure water does not have an area to build up.

If you have a garage door and heavy rain is expected, leave it open just a little above the ground and clear the garage floor of any valuables.

Instead of water building up around the corners of the garage, this allows the water to spread so that it’s much thinner and isn’t damaging walls.

It can then be swept out when the rain is clear.

Additionally, if your house is lower than the area around it, take proper steps to ensure water can drain away. Your yard should be graded and have water flowing away from it.

If an area of the house has water flowing towards it, this should be fixed as soon as possible.

Clean Your Gutters and Roof

Snow, as well as any leaves from the fall, can get stuck in your gutters and remain there, not allowing rain water to run properly.

This can cause water damage to your roof.

Make sure all your gutters are clean so that water can flow away from your roof.

Keep your roof clean and free of snow and ice, or consider hiring a professional if you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself.

Regularly Check for Leaks in Any Appliances That Handle Water

Sinks, toilets, washing machines, showers, and dishwashers are all common household appliances that use water.

You should always check and make sure they are not leaking. During times of fluctuating temperatures, leaking water is especially dangerous because of its potential to refreeze.

Make sure your house is properly heated and that any leaking appliances are fixed quickly and aren’t used while they have leaks.

A bonus tip: If you are headed out of town, turn off your water. It is amazing how quickly damage can be caused by a leaky toilet or pipe.

As the weather warms up, do your part to be ready for it.  You’ll thank yourself later when you’re enjoying the sunlight and not searching for a repairman.

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