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Seasonal Employees


Summer is around the corner, and depending on your area of expertise, your business might be gearing up for a busy season. We have a few suggestions to make your seasonal employee recruitment process as smooth as possible if that is the case.  

Start Searching Early  

Begin drafting job descriptions and creating job listings sooner rather than later. Starting this process early can position your company ahead of the curve and give you an advantage over businesses that have not announced they are hiring.  

Another benefit of beginning early is that you will have more time to review applications, conduct interviews, and train the new employees. The end goal is to ensure that this process is complete before business picks up for the season.  

A fully trained and vetted team is better equipped to handle busier business days, which can keep your customers—and employees—happy and stress-free.  

Be Specific in Your Job Description  

If you are hiring for seasonal or temporary positions, always include those keywords in the job description. In addition, state any relevant start and end dates of the position so that applicants know what to expect. 

This information can weed out applicants only interested in full-time employment and save you the time and effort to examine applications that do not meet your business needs.  

Employee Orientation and Training  

Regardless of whether your new employee is seasonal or full-time, they should be given an orientation. During this orientation, include all necessary training information and make sure to walk them through potential workplace hazards. An informed employee is more likely to remain a safe employee.  

Are you interested in learning more about workplace safety? Check out our blog here.  


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