A family practicing pool safety and enjoying the summer.

Pool Safety 101 


Are you looking to escape the summer heat? Then, jump into this refreshing pool—but first, look over these pool safety recommendations. 

Do Not Leave Children Unaccompanied 

Whether swimming in a public pool or one in your backyard, never leave children unaccompanied. Drowning is a leading cause of death in children and is the second leading cause of accidental injury. 

Fast action could mean the difference between mild injury and more severe consequences. 

Swim Lessons 

Do your children know how to swim? When was the last time you took a refresher course? 

Learning different swimming techniques can be a fun activity—and can be lifesaving. In addition, swimming lessons can increase confidence and the ability to navigate water safely. 

Unsure where to find swim classes in your area? The Red Cross offers swimming lessons for kids and adults throughout the country. 

CPR Certification 

Knowing CPR could mean the difference between life and death. If you have a pool, at least one person in your household should be CPR certified. 

Do you want to become certified in CPR? The Red Cross can help. 

Fence and Locking Gate 

Many insurance companies recommend installing a fence with a lockable gate around your pool. This added layer of security protects small children and protects you if someone enters your pool without permission. 

Perform regular maintenance checks on the fence and gate to ensure they are functional. If this barrier is in disrepair, you might be liable if a neighbor entered the pool and was injured—even if they entered without permission. 


We hope these pool safety tips help you better enjoy the summer fun! Please let us know if you have a pool and are interested in learning about your insurance coverage.

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