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Trucking companies are vital to the nation’s economy. Still, their size and potential for danger compel operators to invest in insuring their rigs against all manner of liabilities on the road.

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The danger of uninsured big rigs is on the minds of Michigan’s truckers. If you have a trucking company that needs ample insurance coverage options for your fleet and employees, a skilled business insurance agent like those from Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. will help you acquire what you need. Commercial trucks are defined as having a gross weight of over 10,000 pounds.


Under U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Title 49, Section 387, firms must be prepared to insure a minimum of $750,000 of primary liability insurance per driver. The coverage will help parties injured in an accident where the driver may be at fault. General liability coverage is for situations when the vehicle is not on the road. Non-trucking liability insurance covers the truck when it is parked.

The Vehicle

Like private vehicles, commercial vehicles also require comprehensive and collision insurance coverage. Many highway accidents over the years have involved trucks of various configurations.

The Payload

Even the cargo you carry for a client needs some sort of coverage, and it can be a precondition for hiring your services. Motor cargo insurance is designed to compensate the client in the event that the materials are damaged or destroyed.

Special Cargoes

Some trucking firms may be assigned to handle cargoes under the most special circumstances – and require higher insurance levels. CFR 49-387 states that companies must arrange for at least $5 million for bodily injury and property destruction when a truck is carrying explosives or hazardous materials. Your agent should also guide you on your home state’s minimum insurance guidelines for special cargoes and stowage.

Every trucking firm deserves a fair chance to be part of the nation’s economic lifeblood. If you hire skilled  business insurance brokers for your coverage options, their expertise will help you “keep on truckin’.”


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